Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva - MMA Gangsta Rap

by MMA Burner

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Chael Sonnen's gonna getcha getcha down
He's gonna get in your grill, make you feel like you just looked under your bed and found an evil boogey-man
He's the Gansta from West Linn, Chael Sonnen!

He ain't no gansta, please! 'Cause we know when it's time to fight the only thing Chael's been waiting for
Is to get right up in some crotch - stinky stinky Brazilian Style -
We know you've sniffed some Babalu, Maia, and The Spider!

Well enough with your bull crap! 'Cause I know deep down you're scared that Mr. Sonnen's gonna drop the hip-hop
He'll show you what's a high crotch, and Spider you can't stop testosterone replacement therapy
It's not cheating!

But it's the spider man he's the king of kicking faces
Don't be making those statements because we know who's goin get their butt-cheeks whooped!
He's a white boy - The gansta from West Linn

You're wrong, 'cause Sonnen's gonna take the spider down
He's gonna get in his grill, make him feel like he just looked under his bed and found an evil boogey-man
He's the gangsta from West Linn, Chael Sonnen!

Well I don't think so!! The spider be squeezing necks
And if he gets a chance he'll just grab on your throat and rip your larynx out
Just like in that move Under Siege - A great flick for the family
No not really!

Yo what the hell you talkin 'bout?
My man Sonnen be gunnin for anybody who's comin to take a stab at the belt
And when he's done with the spider man, he'll be the people's champion, July 7th!

If I were Chael Sonnen I'd be runnin scared from all those elbows, knees and chokes - don't leave your neck out
Or else he'll make you go to sleep - You'll have nightmares!

Well I'll be honest I'd be pissin my pants if I were fighting the spider
But this is Chael Sonnen - you think he pees his pants?
Yeah I think so - I guess we'll find out very soon in Las Vegas!


released June 23, 2012
Written by Patrick Boerner and Charlie McCarron
Produced by Charlie McCarron
Vocals by Patrick "Banana Hands" Burner and Tucker Betts.
Harmonies by Brittany Miller, of Spencer McGillicutty



all rights reserved